Thursday, August 18, 2016

Poached Chicken (Inside Out)


  • chicken breast(s)
  • olive oil
  • Redmond's® Real Salt
  • McCormick's® Peppercorn Medley
  • Aromatics of your choosing


You will need a pan with a lid in which the number of chicken breasts you choose to cook fit in one layer.

If your chicken breast is not even thickness, pound it, but do NOT keep pounding it until it is thin.  Salt and pepper each side.

Heat your pan on medium high.  Once it is really hot, drizzle in some olive oil.  Turn the heat down to medium and put your chicken in the pan.  Cook for about a minute, until the chicken is a little golden, no more.  Turn the chicken over.  Put your aromatics in the pan.  [I chose smashed garlic, fresh thyme, and lemon slices.]  Cover with the lid.  Turn the heat down to LOW.  And cook for 10 minutes.  Do NOT lift the lid.

Remove the pan from the heat and let sit for an additional 10 minutes.  Do NOT lift the lid.

Remove the chicken from the pan and let rest for 5 minutes before cutting.

Works well when making chicken salad or putting chicken on a salad.

Myrtle's Note:  This is one of three different methods of poaching chicken that I wanted to learn.  The link below is to a different method, but in the middle of the page is a video advertisement that is this method.  All I did was add aromatics, since the other two poaching methods include them.  I had read that cold will set the flesh, so I was worried refrigerating it would change the outcome.  I used half the breast on my salad and put the other half in the refrigerator, dripping the juices from the plate onto the remain chicken pieces and putting them into the refrigerator whilst still warm so there would be some condensation in the container.  When I ate the leftovers later, they were incredibly moist.  I was well-pleased with this method.

Source: (video on the page, not the recipe)